Testing and Commissioning - Maldives

December 19, 2018



Just back from Sunny Maldives, Nautilus Island and mixed feelings. I am glad to have been involved in such a stunning development and to work with such a dedicated and motivated team from the top down. It just shows that when you get the right team of people together anything is possible. My only disappointment is that with the project coming to a close we will soon have to pass it over to the new management team. I hope they treat it with the care and attention that we have up to date. From the team members i met this last trip i think it is in good hands!


It started with the usual flight into Male with a short boat ride to one of our previous and now completed projects, Baros Island. As always very accommodating and a good chance in the morning to inspect some small changes that have been implemented by remote coordination in the last month since my last visit.  After a quick breakfast we move on to Milaidhoo, also a previous project and the base for our trip to neighboring Nautilus.


On arrival via sea plane we are straight onto a boat and heading for the site. It has been over a month since the last visit and i am in awe of the progress they have made in such a short space of time. A full harbor has been built and no longer a case of walking precariously on the makeshift jetty as before.


Once on terra firma the work begins. First a walk through of the entire island and inspection of all areas to get our heads around how to proceed. as a collective consultant trip it is important to make sure we all split off after and attend to the areas that we have under our care. My first item of business the highly detailed and meticulously planned out fiber optics show on the pool floor of the main pool bar. 


On Inspection we find it to be unable to switch on. The lead M&E contractor is off the Island and no one knows anything about the current setup. Move on to other areas and get things done that we can. It turns out to be a long night with the M&E arriving back in the evening and with the system finally powering on at around 9pm we are all able to witness the systems capabilities before a relaxing boat ride back and dinner.


Day 2 again exhausting setting scenes and arranging temporary dimming systems to ensure that the second owner inspection will give the real mood and feel of the spaces now nearing completion. DMX programming poolside and we are finally on top of things. some minor redesign to the decorative elements also ensure the right ambiance across the exterior spaces. 


The inspection a success and another trip planned we all feel satisfied that the end is near and that the project will be an overwhelming success when complete. 


More updates coming and some site photos below.














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