April 17, 2018


As a design consultancy with our fair share of projects located in coastal areas we are constantly trying to stress the importance of quality and the use of appropriate materials in our specifications and discussions with clients. The effects of the environment in such locations can be devastating to fixtures with resulting maintenance and cost increases.


Having spent a number of years sometime ago working in Western Australia taught me well the importance of material selection, the differences in material grades, effects of atmospheric corrosion etc. Other factors often missed in specifications include not so obvious subtle concerns. Ensuring that fasting devices, screws, covers and removable parts are of the same material as the fitting to which they're attached to avoid seizures, consideration of not only what is above the ground but also below, moisture siphoning due to pressure variations during switch cycles. 


These are just to name a few of the many considerations face when assesing fittings presented to us by suppliers either in the office, trade shows or as alternatives installed in our projects.


I leave you with some images taken a property i stayed at recently. This is a relatively new coastal resort being open now only 1 year. The pictures speak for themselves!!







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