Lighting IOT Round 1

April 6, 2018

We are in the final stages of our first full IOT lighting project in Singapore. As a company we have been quietly watching and also implementing wireless and connected lighting control solutions for some time now however it is now more than ever becoming an integral part of the Lighting designers role to understand the technologies that are available as tools for our profession. 


This current project posed challenges as we had to relocated equipment from a previous completed project and elaborate on the design to suit the premises. Included in the upgrade was a request for wireless control.  Drawing not only on our experience as Lighting designers but also having electrically qualified team members to consider the options made this process seamless and a solid understanding between the vendors and the designer is a given. 


Implementing this we decided on Casambi technology. There are many players out there but having already developed experience in our our own Singapore Studio we decided on Casambi as the best solution. A mixture of DALI dimming and relay controls allows us to control not only new fixtures but also the existing and relocated equipment all under the same network. 


We are still waiting on delivery of some additional hardware due to last minute changes so will leave you now with some preliminary images of our first round T&C. 


Will update on completion!






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