Da Nang, A City of Lights and Color

September 7, 2017

Having just returned from project meetings and site visits in Vietnam I had the chance after my business commitments to take in the city lights that make Da Nang truly a city that has embraced lighting in the public space. 


From bridges to buildings and decorative lighting that adorns the busy outdoor areas this city has clearly a love of lighting using color and movement to distinguish itself from other cities of this size. The interaction of lighting along the rivers both in Da Nang and also Hoi An add a dimension that creates a new way of looking at the environment as dusk takes away the hustle and bustle of the working city.


Often when color changing lighting is implied to structures it can in itself distinguish the structure in a way that may not truly appreciate the intended purpose. I think that the use of this in the way it has been done here really does give an identity that works. 







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