A Cyclorama Story

September 8, 2017

A recent project completion saw Contrast Ratio commissioning a project of a different nature than that which we normally are involved. 


A Cyclorama is essentially a space in which when viewing of either an object or person your perception is that of an infinite space. When asked to create this space we researched alongside a close industry colleague working in interior architecture and arrived at the design that is now complete. Lighting for such a space is paramount to allow the space to immerse the individual or object as can be seen in the images below. 


Lighting is via RGBW led panels mounted in enclosed cells using a membrane ceiling system to diffuse the light. Accompanied by RGBW track spots and 3000K also we are able to create a high level of flexibility  as was given in the design brief. 


Control is via DALI and simple wall controls with preset scenes alongside mobile app control gives various users choice in which method of control they prefer. 

Its refreshing to be able to work on projects that are a little out of the ordinary!








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