August 3, 2017


Recently Contrast Ratio took some time off on a project trip to KL to visit some of the religious institutions from the various faiths followed in Malaysia. It was interesting to observe how lighting is used to create interesting effects.


The intricate zig-zag design of the ceiling in the National Mosque allowed the natural light to permeate into the building during the day, a design element  used for century's and during the night the interior was illuminated by architectural pendant lights installed in the ceiling.

Sri Mahamariamman Indian Temple in China Town, still using the classic PAR lamps of days gone by and the the Thean Hou Chinese Temple atop Robson Heights is well worth the wait until nightfall to see the thousands of colorful lanterns that adorn as far as the eye can see. 


It is important to keeps ones mind on the fact that not all lighting needs to be sleek and stylish and architecturally designed and sometimes the simple way can produce just as satisfying an effect. 







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