The Importance of Site Co-ordination

May 29, 2017

Recently myself and one of my key team members, Anesah, visited one of our older but still ongoing projects. The Shangri-La Resort and Spa in Boracay, Philippines. Whilst people that read this may say what a nice place to have to work we stress that we were there for work, not a holiday!


The key purpose for this trip was to verify the deliver of fittings was in order and spend time with the installation team to guide and instruct them on the requirements of the task at hand. As a company ethos we put a lot of time into this phase of all our projects and will get our hands dirty to make sure that our initial designs are realized. Too many projects end up far from their original design and often for the worse due to a lack of involvement from the principal design team during the critical installation phase.  


Some images from our trip,


Hands on lighting design!!!


 The Old and the New.

 Marking Out for Instalation

                            Hands on Lighting Design!!!


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