Technical Product Review - Solar Lighting

February 17, 2017

To start this I want to say I have never been a strong supporter of solar lighting systems for energy reduction purposes for various reasons but recently an entirely different application for this technology presented itself. 


A good client of ours persistently has issues across his Singapore property with landscape lighting. Having redesigned  less than 1 year ago and all landscape lighting upgraded and installed as per the news design specification we were left with the problem of old meets new. New technology connected to existing cabling and control systems. The current electrical infrastructure whilst still delivering power when working correctly suffers from the extreme moisture that presents itself across Singapore as a result of both humidity and tropical downpours on a regular basis. Junction boxes are often the main cause for tripping and very difficult to maintain to level that ensures zero downtime, an issue the client wants to fix.


When asked if solar lighting might be the answer my immediate reaction was that this technology for residential use was not practical and would not provide the illumination levels required for the property.


I did however remember some time earlier having seen and been interested in a French company by the name of "NOWATT" that was producing solar variants of fittings that online appeared to take a new approach to the solar angle. Upon discussions with the client it was decided to test a fitting and understand first hand how the performance matched the Singapore environment.


To date we have spent a week internally testing the fitting and its various modes of operation and can say that we will proceed from here to conduct an on site, in-situ test of the same. Charging the product inside our office delivered as specified performance in terms of battery life and program features. Whilst the fitting is not designed for stadium lighting its light output performance matched the specification and careful selection of beam angle would allow usage for a number of location in our project.   


Will keep you posted on the real test. Exposure to the elements!!!








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