Nightclub Facade Concept

January 31, 2017


When asked to provide lighting design services for an industry leading entertainment venue in Kuala Lumpur, Contrast Ratio set about the task with an open mind to technologies and principles outside the realm of those normally used in the architectural lighting.


The project brief called for illumination to the existing façade to create a distinct appearance. The façade panelling comprising aluminium composite panels in hues of brown and olive, colours that traditionally are not significant in their reflective properties. This dictated that floodlighting from an external source would prove futile and along with a clear design brief from the client’s team requesting as little lighting equipment to be installed on the façade itself to reduce maintenance requirements and costs.


Contrast Ratio, having studied the façade during initial site inspections took this challenge and arrived a solution to the problem. Utilising technology from the entertainment arena in the form of a translucent coating that during daylight hours is undetectable and only during darkness and under focused high power 365 Nano meter UV Light do the coated surfaces take on the glowing appearance as demonstrated in mock ups and through simulations as below.


Products Specified:


Wildfire Invisible Clear-Color Polyurethane Top Coats
















Spectra CYC UV 100w wash light 365nm
















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