Light Appreciation Day 01

February 1, 2017

In a first of what is planned to be a quarterly event, Contrast Ratio spent the day outside the office observing lighting in the real world. The aim of the day is to create awareness of lighting, be it good lighting or bad, the limitations of fixtures and the considerations that as desk bound designers can be missed only to surface on site many months or years down the road when commissioning takes place. Secondary to the educational aspect of the day, we aim to use this a team building exercise and a way to free ourselves from our computer screens for a well earned break.


Our first event took us firstly to the recently opened Guoco Tower atop Tanjong Pagar Railway Station. Various lighting systems have been commissioned to date in the public areas however it is clear that some further tweaking is still underway with various areas still under construction. I will return when all is open for viewing including the new Sofitel Singapore which promises to complete a landmark development for Singapore.


Moving on we spent the remaining time in the National Gallery of Singapore, an excellent location to observe lighting installations utilizing fixtures from some of the world leading manufacturers. Various lighting techniques can be observed under one, or technically two roofs and a highly worthwhile location to promote discussion and thought on the various ways to approach a space with regards to lighting mood, feel, effect and ambiance.


Interestingly some spaces are lit using fixtures by manufacturers both a world away in terms of locations and also worlds away in terms of the approach.


National gallery of Singapore, a great asset to the country and on a whole well designed and lit!
























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