• Matt Marshall

Product Review - Ecosense TROV Flex

We had the pleasure to be demonstrated the new TROV Flex bought out by Ecosense. As a company we have specified and used the TROV fittings on our projects in the past and are excited by this new development and the options that i gives us in our designs.

The fitting includes all the same premium optics and options that we are accustomed to from Ecosense and brings with it flexibility in its design using silicone housing. Flexibility is limited at this stage to vertical bends but this is workable in the way we design the locations and mounting environment for the fitting in our designs.

The basic features to note:

1. Smooth dimming to off.

2. 3 Beam angles, 10 X 10, 15 X 40 and a very interesting asymmetric that has a lot of potential in wall wash applications.

3. Can be cut on site and retains its IP67 rating.

Nice to see innovative and new products making the scene and hope to specifying this in upcoming developments we are working on.

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